Hunters 2 (iOS) – First impressions

March 8, 2012

Title screen

I’ll keep this short; I know you want the facts (and some pretty pictures) and not half a dozen paragraphs of my incoherent gibbering…

Note – all screen shots taken on my iPad (1). Click any image to view the full size screen shot.

Hunters 2 is due to be released on Friday 23rd March 2012.

I’ve been playing a pre-release review build.

The initial campaign mission

It runs perfectly on my first generation iPad.

There’s a full campaign, plus daily contracts similar to Hunters Episode 1.

Of course there are more than two missions! They unlock in sequence

Your campaign squad can do the daily contracts in between campaign missions.

The new graphics engine looks really good!

My squad takes on a bunch of frog-like aliens

At least one character can dual wield ranged and melee weapons.

The hammer isn’t the only melee weapon.

You can manufacture and name your own custom gear (weapons and armour).

There’s a respec option for individual talent trees.

See the respec button at the bottom? If you have 50,000 credits to spare, that will reset all your spent talent points for the selected character

There are non-human enemies.

The free gifts (for viewing ads) are still there but can be completely turned off in a menu option.

Cool - let's go shopping

In-game currency can be bought (IAP) but this doesn’t look essential to me, based on how many credits I earned playing through two campaign missions and one daily.

There’s a hardcore mode, where dead=dead and a dead guy’s weapons and armour are also lost.

There are new environments – very pretty.

Your team members can occupy and use fixed heavy weapons such as gun turrets.

Each squad member has his own detailed stats

You can rename your individual squad members.

You can zoom in/out and rotate the view easily with two-finger touch

The game exudes quality and delivers what was noticeably absent from Episode 1, most importantly a proper campaign.

Look out for a full Arcadelife review on the game’s release date – Friday 23rd March 2012. Update – the review has now been posted and you can read it HERE.



  1. Looks nice. I was bored with Hunters 1, but this peaks my interest again.

  2. Very nice. This game would be unstoppable if it had online multiplayer.

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