Free Bowling and Fancy Pants

March 15, 2012

Fancy Pants Adventures (iOS) – The update to fix the problems with saved games has at last been released. If you were experiencing problems – all your progress being wiped – go get the update and start playing the game!

I’ve been playing quite a bit of My Bowling 3D (iOS) on my iPad today. The game is free in a restricted demo form, with an IAP to unlock the rest of the content. Despite the restrictions, the free version is good fun and performs very well on my 1st gen iPad. Up to 4 separate player profiles can be created and there’s a large choice of bowling ball designs to choose. Until you buy the full version, there’s only one skittle alley and you’re limited to 5 frames per game.

The Hunters 2 First impressions post is getting a lot of views, for which I am obviously very grateful. There’s a great deal of interest in the game and I’m pleased to have been able to provide some hands-on information in advance of its release. Look forward to Friday 23rd (next week) when you can get the game from the app store and also read a full review here at Arcadelife.

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