Hyperbowl review (iOS / Universal)

March 27, 2012

“And I say again…
And I said before…
And I say once more – This is the last time!”

10 word description: Be the ball. Authorised version of Hyperbowl for iPhone & iPad. (Taken from app store description).

10 word review: A good idea, marred by trundling gameplay and odd physics.

You will like this if you enjoy: Swiping a bowling ball along with your finger and seeing it shoot ten feet into the air when it touches a flower.

The good news: There’s a good game in there somewhere.

The bad news: It’s all too slow, blocky and unconvincing. After a couple of rolls I just wanted it to be over. I tried other lanes (countries) and it was the same story. Tedious score animations every shot – why? Pop-up “Play/Options/Quit” menu as soon as you go into the lane choice screen – why?

Arcadelife verdict: Speed it up, add options to turn the score animations off and not have the “Play/Options/Quit” menu pop-up every time you go into lane choice. While you’re at it, add a “go back to lane choice” option to the pause menu. Fix the weird physics and at least add an option so we don’t have to always play ten frames. The concept is excellent; the execution on idevices, well, not so much. Setting the roll speed slider to maximum improves the game slightly, but also raises the question – why not just have it set like that by default?

Arcadelife rating

Visuals – 6/10
Audio – 5/10
Controls – 8/10
Content – 7/10
Fun – 3/10
Final rating – 58/100

Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 3.0
iTunes link

Hyperbowl website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (OS 5.0.1)
iPad (OS 5.0.1)

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