Nosferatu – Run from the Sun gets a big update

April 5, 2012

Cartoon vampire themed endless runner, Nosferatu – Run from the Sun (iOS / Universal), has just received a fairly hefty update that includes Game Center multiplayer matches and a special Easter Egg collection mission that is only active in April.

On the updated menu, you can see the Easter Egg mission countdown (top left) and the additional GC multiplayer icon on the right

 Here’s the official update information from the  app store description:

What’s New in Version 1.1

This is one massive update!
The Grand Easter Special – collect eggs for the special mission and gather more coins! – only in April!
6 new characters (Nosferator, Bunny Nos, Kitty Nos, Zombie Nos, Invisible Nos, Punk Nos)
19 GC achievements
GC multiplayer tournaments – this is really, really cool! – make runs against your GC friends or other people all around the world and be rewarded with coins!
New missions
Countdown when you start to play after resuming the game
Post your highscores and level ups in Facebook
New language: Brazilian Portuguese

Several minor bugfixes
Some interface changes

I’ve already been making a small dent in the Easter Egg collecting and managed a reasonably respectable 4th place in a multiplayer match without using any Wings of Salvation life savers. If you want a podium place, those little helpers are probably essential, as everyone else is no doubt going to be using them.

When everyone has completed their run, you can view the podium and see where you placed

This is a significant update for what was already a highly playable and fun game. Congratulations to Smuttlewerk!

Here are the new playable characters; all can be unlocked via in-game gold:


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