Proverbidioms review (iPad)

April 30, 2012

“You better put all your eggs in one basket
You better count your chickens before they hatch”

10 word description: Identify over 800 everyday phrases and sayings in four paintings.

10 word review: More of a general knowledge test than a video game.

The first 20 phrases/sayings from painting 1 are free, then it starts to cost money to unlock the rest, about £7.50 if you want the lot

You will like this if you enjoy: Similar “spot the words/phrases etc. in a jumbled picture” style games such as Say What You See.

The first painting apparently has 264 proverbs and clichés hidden within it

The good news: Pretty good for burning up any spare time you have when you aren’t playing any actual video games, because this isn’t a video game.

The bad news: I don’t think it uses the iPad functionality anywhere near as well as it could. Searching for the phrases in the scrolling list is a chore.

Arcadelife verdict: There’s nothing wrong with the concept, but it could have been implemented better on the iPad. The identified phrases in the list are marked with a star, but there’s no option that I could find to hide them or remove them from the list. Also, the identified elements of the painting don’t change; they’re not greyed out or otherwise marked as “done”. Compare that with Say What You See, where the picture elements are faded/greyed when correctly guessed. The pictures in SWYS also all have free demo modes, whereas only the first painting in this collection has a demo mode of 20 guesses. It’s not a bad app, but it could do with a bit of polish and some thought for the customer, with regards to improving the overall experience and a bit more generosity with the demos.

Arcadelife rating

Visuals – 8.5/10
Audio – 2/10
Controls – 8/10
Content – 7/10
Fun – 5/10
Final rating – 60/100

Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.1
iTunes link

Proverbidioms website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
iPad (OS 5.1)

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