Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – Part 4

May 21, 2012

*** Warning – Contains spoilers ***

Since part 3 (posted earlier today), Hardcore Barbarian ‘Rollins’ has risen from level 15 to 18, defeated The Butcher and is all set to move into Act 2. Polite, possibly slightly ironic applause much appreciated at this point. Rewinding to level 15, this is what happened first…

I went back and rushed through the quest immediately before the start of the Halls of Agony zones; this involved killing the Spider Queen (again), finding the Staff of Kha-something (come on, do you think I read the quest notes?) and fighting my way to Leoric’s castle/mansion/whatever.This got Rollins to…

… level 16, as well as gaining a fair amount of gold and items to sell. It’s worth pointing out that although I’m retracing Rollins’ steps in addition to repeating what my non-hardcore Barbarian has recently done, none of this feels dull or overly repetitious. I admit that not everyone would find the experience the same, but then I don’t expect everyone enjoys this kind of hack-fest RPG either.

So much for Tyrant Skullcrusher. Despite the impressive death-metal bass player name, he lasted about 3 seconds. The only close call Rollins has had so far, and it really wasn’t that close, was being butted around like a tennis ball by a group of elite bull creatures who all had the knockback ability. What did I do? I ran away, of course, and picked them off one at a time. And so, into the Halls of Agony and the short stroll to the lair of The Butcher.

Thanks to my +XP gear and quite a few helpful experience shrines in the halls, it didn’t take long to reach level 17. Here’s a nice shot of Rollins and his pet Templar crossing the bridge before the entrance to the final zone before The Butcher.

See, I still take the time to admire the scenery even in hardcore mode. Here’s a short interlude to show you my auction history.

That’s the stuff that Rollins has been buying and selling on the way to level 18. As I mentioned in an earlier post (part 1, I think), I am not doing this kind of auction house overkill on my standard Barbarian character – this is pure HC paranoia fuelled repetitive gear tweaking. And so we come to level 18 and the big fight, which wasn’t particularly big.

The Butcher. He’s not so tough…

And here’s the achievement notification for beating him in hardcore mode.

There will now be a short break in hardcore progress reports, while I get through Act 2 on my standard mode Barbarian, as a kind of rehearsal for the hardcore run through it immediately after. With optimism levels this high, it’s sure to come to a disastrous and sudden end, right?

Level 18

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