Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – Part 8

May 30, 2012

*** Warning – Contains spoilers ***

I’ll try to keep this diary entry fairly brief. No, Rollins isn’t dead, he’s at the start of Act IV. I’m going to take my standard (non hardcore) mode Barbarian through that act as quickly as possible, spot any potentially worrying areas and encounters, then get through it in hardcore mode. So, what’s happened since part 7?

After the battles inside the fortress, the action temporarily moves outside for some siege engine destruction and running battles with land and air demons. Rollins’ auction house gear is keeping the fights all on the easy side and progress is quite swift.

Various events, such as Crazy Climber (above) and many encounters with elite enemies add to the xp count and Rollins’ growing wealth. I’m happily spending 20k on individual items now, focussing on socketed gear and a mixture of +strength, life regen and +XP stats.

Not long after level 31, the Templar came out with a random comment that was rather amusing…

Before descending into the Arreat Crater, there was this short and mostly uneventful mini-boss fight against the Siegebreaker Assault Beast. A couple of weak purple items, 10 achievement points and that’s it.

No big changes, or really any kind of changes at all as far as skills are concerned. The primary/secondary constant bashing is still working well against the large swarms of demons and other gibbering nasties.

Cydaea appears a few times during the descent through some impressive looking “depths of hell” style levels, mostly just to pass comment on my progress. When the big fight with her finally happens, it’s not that big and not really much of a fight.

After getting past her, there’s not really much to do before the end of act encounter with Azmodan. Rollins reached level 33 just before that.

Azmodan is a fairly straightforward fight; hit him until he falls over. At one point I lost about 15% health, but there is plenty of room to run away and heal from life regen gear without bothering with potions.

As you can see, he’s not immune to being stunned. I got 3 decent yellows (rares) and another hardcore achievement for killing him.

A few minutes of wandering around, chatting to NPCs and watching another very pretty cut-scene and it’s time to go to Heaven, and Act IV.

Thanks for reading this far! In part 9, we’ll see how far Rollins can get through Act IV and whether he manages to land a critical blow that does greater than 1000 damage – it’s close now, but still only in the 800 range.

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