Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – Part 10

June 2, 2012

*** Warning – Contains spoilers ***

I’ll start this final entry with an apology. There are no screenshots of the Reign of Terror or Punch Diablo achievement notifications because, at the time they should have occurred, there was a problem with the achievement system…

I still got the achievements, they just didn’t appear in the list until it came back and I never received an on-screen notification for them. It’s a shame, I’m sorry, and it adds an element of anticlimactic annoyance to the whole proceedings. Still, this is the story of how it ended, starting with…

Rollins reached level 34 within a few minutes of starting this final session, and that was the level he was at all the way through to the end of Act IV. Sledge was the first significant enemy to fall to level 34 Rollins.

I like this next shot of a fight with a Corrupted Angel and I’m pleased I took the time to dye Rollins’ gear for the final stages of this act.

The Templar obviously hasn’t read the script, as he gives me this little speech about if we die together. First of all, he isn’t going to be around for the final scrap; second, and most important, I have no intention of letting Rollins die, at least not before Nightmare difficulty level!

Next up for a swift exit – Izual. The quest simply said Kill Izual, so we did.

Here’s a tip, unless you know a way around this; upon entering The Crystal Arch I was unable to use the Town Portal to go back for repairs before the Diablo fight. In the end, it wasn’t a problem, but you may wish to make a note of that in case your gear has been severely degraded by the time you reach this point.

And so we come to the final boss fight, Diablo himself. While I was punching him I didn’t take any screenshots, waiting for the achievement notification to pop up, which it never did. Instead, I have this one that I took some considerable time later when the achievements system was working again. My punch had registered, I just don’t have any screenshots of it happening.

The fight takes place over three distinct rounds. The first one is Diablo running around looking a lot like the Queen Alien from Aliens. At least he does in this screenshot…

Although Rollins is down to just over half health in that shot, the fight never felt dangerous and I was a bit relaxed about taking any potions, relying mostly on life regen (from gear) and a couple of defensive skills. After a while, the fight moves to Diablo’s Realm of Terror, where you fight a shadow version of him and some shadow clones.

Finally, it’s back to a straight fight against Diablo with nobody joining in to help him. He has a few different attacks which, while occasionally looking quite pretty, don’t pose much of a threat in normal difficulty.

Well it’s goodnight from me … and it’s goodnight from him

Suddenly it’s all over. Diablo is dead and there’s a big pile of loot on the floor. There should also have been a nice achievement notification but, as previously mentioned, that didn’t happen.

Auriel has a few kind words and that’s it.

Back at the menu, Rollins quietly contemplates taking on Nightmare difficulty, or maybe a few more runs through the end of the previous Act IV…

I’d like to thank everyone (anyone) who has read one or more of these Diablo 3 posts and I hope they have been entertaining, maybe even slightly useful! If I record Rollins’ future progress through Nightmare difficulty it will be in one or two summary style posts rather than a long episodic mess like this one. If you’re playing Diablo 3, particularly if you’re running the gauntlet of hardcore mode, good luck out there and don’t chase too many Treasure Goblins!

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