iNATS review – iPad

June 7, 2012

I’ll start with a little bit of a disclaimer, as this isn’t really a review because I’m not a pilot. Instead, I’ll paste as much information as necessary and add some screenshots that I did take myself, even though I don’t know what they mean.

The iNATS application is designed to assist pilots operating the North Atlantic Track System (NATS). It will help correctly and easily plan North Atlantic flights using the organized track system. The application has the oceanic clearance procedure, CPDLC and HF information together with additional features.

The application is centered on the FIR entry point for the oceanic area. Once the user has entered this, the app will identify the correct FIR and all the associated procedures required. The user will be guided through each step of the Atlantic crossing procedure, from obtaining the oceanic clearance to the HF SELCAL check.

Direct Access:
Users can access any of the pages directly if they want information without having to fill in the flight data fields. In this mode the information will not pertain to the user’s flight.

Auto Mode:
When ‘Auto’ is pressed on the home page, the flight information page is displayed. All the fields should be completed in order to move onto the next page. Wherever a pencil icon is displayed, all the user’s previous information will automatically be stored for future use. So if the pilot is flying the same route again, user can access the flight number previously used. SELCAL and destination fields also have this feature.

The oceanic entry point from the flight information page, will give the applicable FIR oceanic clearance procedure. The user has the choice of data link – VHF or HF – depending on the user’s aircraft equipment capability. The correct data link code or frequency will be provided along with the actual earliest and latest time in UTC for the clearance. These times will be calculated from the entry time entered on the flight information page.

HF and SELCAL is the final requirement and the app, using the route and time entered on the flight information page, will suggest the best frequencies to try. It then lists the remaining frequencies as alternate ones.

The iNATS app has additional features listed under the ‘More’ tab on the home screen:
General OTS information
Abbreviations used in NATS
Great circle tracks and distances – enter Lat To and Lat From and resulting track and distance will be displayed
Contingency procedures including weather deviations – enter direction and required deviation and the app will generate the procedure to follow
Alternates – some of the airports around the North Atlantic are displayed with pins on a map (that can be zoomed) to enhance situational awareness. Once selected, a simple airport diagram will be displayed with runway dimensions, local time, and if applicable – ATIS information
SATCOM ATS phone numbers
Standard Nav plotting symbols

Tapping the notes allows you to edit and save them

There is a feedback form within the app that will automatically contact the developer when a WiFi connection is available. This can be used for any feedback including requests for additional features, such as inclusion of an additional alternate airport.

This application is a guide for pilots to retrieve data required to navigate across the North Atlantic. It is not a replacement for official regulatory or company documentation.

iTunes link

iXtentia website link

Arcadelife tried valiantly to review this app on 1st gen iPad (iOS 5.1.1)

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