Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – Level 40

June 13, 2012

*** Warning – Contains spoilers ***

Continuing the not-quite-so-epic saga, Rollins (my hardcore barbarian and now my primary Diablo 3 character) has reached level 40. At this point I thought I’d post a quick update of his progress, skills and gear.

The first fairly significant milestone in Nightmare difficulty was the Skeleton King. Rollins’ combination of over-levelling (grinding levels beyond what would be achieved via normal questing, etc.), auction house gear and careful (paranoid) skill choice made this fight, like the rest of Nightmare so far, straightforward and pretty fast.

The Festering Woods is a good location for safely grinding levels, particularly the quest related dungeons and the special events in that area. As you can see in the screenshot above, Rollins reached 40 during one of his many runs clearing the Crypt of the Ancients. You can also make a fair amount of gold from farming that area.

Skills & Runes I’ve been using for most of Nightmare so far, with no changes for boss fights, are as follows:

Frenzy & Triumph
Furious Charge & Battering Ram
Leap & Iron Impact
Revenge & Vengeance is Mine
War Cry & Hardened Wrath
Wrath of the Berseker & Insanity 

Passive skills:

Berserker Rage
Inspiring Presence

There’s a decent mix of defensive / healing skills and also a few damage and area effect skills. Wrath of the Berserker isn’t used very often, but is great for taking elites and champion packs down quickly. Leap – very useful survival skill if you get completely trapped by a large, tough group, or walled in a dangerous situation. Revenge is a great skill, causing a large amount of area damage as well as healing you.

I’m still finding new events, such as Eternal War (above) and Gharbad…

Rollins’ basic stats at 40 are:

Strength – 728
Dexterity – 227
Intelligence – 185
Vitality – 368
Armour – 1947
Damage – 782.91

That’s what he looks like now. I’ve used dye remover on everything to give him a bit more of a rough Barbarian appearance. I particularly like the look of his current helm. The spear is a legendary item I bought off the auction house for 45,000 – I was tired of waiting for a legendary drop; I haven’t seen one of those on any of my characters so far.

I’ll probably post another update when Rollins either reaches 50 or dies, whichever happens first. Wish me luck or a messy, glorious death…

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