Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – Level 50

June 20, 2012

*** Warning – Contains spoilers ***

Confidence levels are getting dangerously high as Rollins, my hardcore Barbarian character in Diablo 3, reaches level 50 during the early stages of Act 3 in Nightmare difficulty. Since level 40 I’ve taken my time in Act 2, repeating various quests such as City Of Blood and grinding/farming some of the busier map areas. No screenshots of that stuff, sorry, but here are some of Act 3.

By the time I reached Belial at the end of Act 2 Rollins had about 15000 Life at level 46. The first two areas of Act 3 are great for mindlessly slaughtering hundreds (probably thousands) of enemies in large groups. I went through levels 47 to 49 doing just this until I got just a tiny bit bored of it!

Champion packs always need a bit more caution and thought than the swarms of normal enemies. My personal favourites for inducing a prompt “run away!” are the Arcane ones that drop rotating pink laser beams. If they also have any kind of immobilising ability, they can pose a serious threat. The depths underneath Stonefort also include exploding lunatics who run up to you before detonating; these can strip away a considerable amount of health and need to be taken down very quickly, particularly if they appear in groups. I always like to keep Furious Charge ready, as hitting them head-on while they’re running towards you is much better than standing there waiting for them to arrive and explode.

Ghom – Open wide and say Aaarggghhh!

More by luck than any kind of planning, Rollins reached level 50 at the end of the fight with Ghom, the mini-boss in the larder underneath Stonefort.

At this point, level 60 doesn’t seem quite the distant dream that it was way back at the start of Act 1 in Normal difficulty; all I need to do, as always, is stay alive. It sounds so simple when you say it like that…

20k Life (unbuffed) at level 50. Of course it could be higher, I know that!

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