Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – THE END

June 27, 2012

*** Warning – Contains spoilers ***

Death is inevitable. Hardcore Diablo 3 players will tell you that one unavoidable fact of playing hardcore is “You will die“. You agree with them, say that you fully understand, but privately you know that you won’t die, because your hardcore character is special. You … are special. You’re also wrong, so very wrong.

Nightmare difficulty is pretty tough, but some moderately decent gear and a bit of caution will get you through.

Beating Diablo himself the second time on your first hardcore character bestows a sense of invulnerability and supreme confidence. This guy, you tell yourself, can go all the way. It would be wise to treat these feelings of immortality with the contempt that they deserve. Oh yes, the benefits of hindsight are marvellous…

Hell difficulty is quite a step up from Nightmare, but levels in the early 50s can be easily achieved by farming the very first quest … over and over …

… and over again.

Tedious, maybe, but certainly safe. Safe enough to add yet a further layer of ill-advised confidence.

Suitably over-levelled, you will defeat the ‘Hell’ Skeleton King with almost as much ease as you did the previous two times.

Level 56, and now 60 doesn’t just look achievable, it looks easy.

At level 57, I came as close to dying as I ever had. It should have been a warning that I heeded. Instead, I just interpreted it as yet another sign of Rollins’ charmed life. You can probably see where this is heading even if you have’t already scrolled to the end to see the last pictures…

This wasn’t the end, but it was the closest I had come to it so far

Level 58. How hard can it be to get to 60 from here?


Less than a single bar of XP into level 58 and I made a very silly mistake. It wasn’t even a hard fight, but I stayed in it longer than I should have and I left a pack of champions wandering around instead of finishing them before taking on The Warden. The Warden didn’t kill Rollins, some lowly insignificant enemy and player overconfidence did. I laughed, more at my own stupidity than anything else, and started another hardcore Barbarian.

67 hours and 35 minutes that I’ll never get back… ha ha

There is poor old dead Rollins, forever remembered in the archive of fallen heroes. The skull helmet is rather appropriate, maybe not the pink armour.

The main difference between Rollins, with his one life, and me – at least he had a life!

[Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – Go to Level 50]

[Diablo 3 Hardcore level 60 achievement – at last!]

One comment

  1. haha he had a life. Me and you both buddy, im not just wasting my life on a video game im reading about somebody else wasting their life on a video game.

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