AstroWings3 – Free for three days

June 29, 2012

I don’t tend to do “free game of the day” posts but I was asked very politely to mention this one and I have been playing it a lot since downloading it earlier today, so here it is.

AstroWings3 – ICARUS is a universal iOS bullet-hell shooter with nice visuals and great relative-touch controls; you can choose which side of the screen to position the special weapon buttons.

Performance on my 1st gen iPad is smooth and I didn’t notice any slowdown throughout the 3 levels I’ve so far played.

When you start the game, the only difficulty level available is “Easy”. While not a complete breeze it’s fairly straightforward to blast through at least the first two zones, earning yourself some in-game currency to buy a few permanent upgrades.

There are some IAPs, but nothing essential for playing and enjoying the game.

Apart from a couple of “translated by Borat” messages and a typo or two, the overall level of presentation is high, with an attractive menu system and fairly quick load times.

Get it while it’s free and see what you think.


iTunes link

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