Diablo 3 Hardcore Level 60 Achievement

July 18, 2012

After the rather disappointing death of my first hardcore Barbarian at level 58, I started another one. Because that’s what you have to do! So Miss ‘Suicidal’ was created and she’s done rather well…

I’m very pleased to announce that she has managed to fight her way to level 60 after a far less eventful journey than her predecessor, and some extreme shopping on the auction house. Here’s a video of the final minutes of level 59, including the achievement notifications for Level 60 and Level 60 [Hardcore].

Instead of simply replicating exactly what I did on Rollins (the dead character) I concentrated on a far more simplified set of skills and an emphasis on having the highest damage weapons I could get. One advantage of already having taken a character to 58 was that I had a fair bit of gold and some stored gear and gems.

Although Rollins died purely because I made a rather silly mistake (follow the link at the bottom if you want to know more about that) he was always a bit of an experiment and I got a lot of things wrong as far as his skills, gear and levelling progress were concerned. That all helped a lot with Suicidal, who stuck with relatively basic skills and levelled quicker than Rollins by using the best XP farming spots as soon as she was able to reach them in each difficulty level.

In the inventory picture above, you can see Suicidal’s basic stats at level 59, as they were at the start of the final run through “A Royal Audience” before reaching level 60. The only really significant piece of gear there is the spear that has a DPS rating of over 700, making a large contribution to that 10k+ damage statistic.

The skills I used were simple and I didn’t change anything around much unless it was to change a rune. At the start, I assigned two primary skills to the mouse buttons instead of primary and secondary, using Bash and Cleave until Frenzy became available. Later on, I stuck with the following skills once they were all available, only changing a couple at the very end to speed up the risk-free grinding of “A Royal Audience”.

LMB – Frenzy with Sidearm
RMB – Furious Charge with Merciless Assault
1 – Ground Stomp with Wrenching Smash
2 – Revenge with Provocation (Vengeance is Mine earlier)
3 – War Cry with Invigorate
4 – Earthquake with The Mountain’s Call

There’s no Leap or Wrath of the Berserker there and Suicidal didn’t use either of those, or any other skills, because I found them unnecessary based on the way I was playing. I’m not saying this is the “best build” or anything like that, because it isn’t. It just suited the way I was playing on this character. Anything that was too hard to just run up and start hitting, I would kite them into a doorway or narrow path and drop Earthquake and then stun them with Ground Stomp. Occasionally, I’d lure them up to a portal or dungeon entrance, drop Earthquake, enter the portal, wait, go back out and collect the loot.

XP farming spots, which worked best for me during June/July 2012:

Act 1 – The start of the act, up to the point where you go into the door of the cathedral but don’t don’t port into the blue mist.
Act 1 – Crypt of the Ancients (Festering Woods). Clear this while the associated ‘Drowned Temple’ quest is active – don’t pick up the blue glowing quest item – then quit and resume and you will start inside the crypt. On Hell difficulty, this is slightly risky but only in very exceptional circumstances when a very bad elite spawns close to the exit and there’s a very bad champ pack outside the crypt exit – I saw this once in all the time I was doing it.
Act 1 – Leoric’s Manor. Get to the start of the Imprisoned Angel quest. Resuming will place you safely at the door near the waypoint inside the manor. Repeatedly clear the manor in about 60 seconds for a lot of xp.

Act 2 – City of Blood quest, up to and including killing Maghda.
Act 2 – A Royal Audience. Useful at each difficulty level. In Hell, at 59, I was getting over 100k xp approximately every 3 minutes, including quitting and restarting. This is very safe, far safer than trying to complete the Zoltun Kulle missions in those underground zones full of dead ends and dangerous elites & champs.

Act 3 – The start of the act, up to the end of the area where you have to raise the catapults. – Loads of enemies, lots of xp.

Thanks for reading – good luck and don’t forget to pause when it gets too intense!

[Diablo 3 Hardcore Diary – Previous character died at 58]


  1. I’ve spent a lot of time playing D3 and am thinking about a hardcore character and stumbled upon your saga while looking funny enough for something you mention in your 1st post on Rollins’ about griswolds worn edge. I got hooked reading, useful tips if people take the time to read and i was saddened when Rollins’ died. Im thinking of taking a monk through was my first char and i know it well.
    Thanks for the tips on where to grind think i’ll need them!

    Congrats on 60 Let me know if you ever take Diablo down on inferno!

  2. I know its going a while back now but can you remember to what level or gold amount you repeated these area till that you suggest im running the 1st one atm gettings atm about 3/4 of a level a run aiming for 8-10 before i move past the 1st one you suggested it may be over kill but its hardcore so safe is better! lol

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