Draw Breaker preview (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire)

July 19, 2012

Draw Breaker is due for release on July 26th. It’s a mix of block breaking and line drawing, where your line drawing skills replace the more traditional pong-style paddle.


Here’s the official description with a few more screenshots and a video…

The future of the world is at stake! Professor Blockowski and his block army are on a campaign to make the world square. Your mission will require quick reflexes and fast thinking to foil Professor Blockowski’s evil schemes and keep the world safe and round.


Draw Breaker takes the classic brick breaker genre, but adds a TWIST—you control the ball by DRAWING PLATFORMS. You have complete freedom to aim your shots by drawing platforms at any angle. Create shots that are impossible in other breakout style games. This was how breakout was meant to be played on a touch screen device.


Battle 16 unique monsters with different personalities and abilities.


Over ten different powerups including bomb balls, acid balls, fire balls, multiballs … just to name a few.


Each episode has 9 unique rounds with new powerups and monsters.


Improve your score by completing objectives and increasing your rank. See if you can earn the title of Block Belt and become a master.


This looks pretty good from the description and video – look out for a review on Arcadelife as soon as the game is released.

If you want to know more, visit the official website at

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