Puppy Sanctuary – Puppies are the new kittens

August 14, 2012

Puppy Sanctuary (iOS / Universal) – released on 14th August – is on offer at half price for a short time.

This is another great game from Clockwork Pixels, creators of Kitten Sanctuary and Darkside. Puppy Sanctuary is following the same “try before you buy” pricing model as Darkside – get the demo version for free and unlock the full version at any time via a single one-time in app purchase.

Players of Kitten Sanctuary will spot that the gameplay in Puppy Sanctuary is very similar – rescue puppies and acquire prizes and in-game currency by playing the very polished and entertaining match-3 levels. Puppies that you save are kept in a separate sanctuary area where you can interact with them and buy them toys and decorations for their home. There are also additional sanctuary themes to unlock. None of this involves additional IAPs – it’s all done with in-game currency gained by playing the game.

To mark the release of Puppy Sanctuary, Kitten Sanctuary is also on offer at half price.

Puppy Sanctuary is a lot of fun, which didn’t surprise me. Read the Arcadelife review of Kitten Sanctuary if you want to find out more about this type of game.

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