Random Heroes update 1.1

October 2, 2012

Sorry the site has been quiet recently – I’ve been a bit busy with other stuff, as hard as it might be to imagine what could be more important than writing about phone games on the internet. So here we go, an update for a game that didn’t exactly receive a stellar review from Arcadelife when it was first released.

The forest zone and one of the new playable characters hiding from one of the new enemies

The official description of the update, in the iTunes app description, is rather restrained and doesn’t really tell us much so I’m doing that here. There is a new map area, The Forest, with 10 levels including a new boss. As with the other bosses, there’s a very simple way to beat him that most players should be able to figure out within the first few attempts. If you can’t, here’s the potential spoiler: Immediately jump onto the lower of the two moving platforms, then jump across to the fixed platform on the left. If you have the minigun (pulse rifle probably works just as well) you can fire to the right and immediately start wearing down the health of the boss. When he jumps across to your platform he will not turn to face you, making it easy to finish him off. The flamethrower works well against his rocket attacks, but it won’t reach him from one platform to the other.

Boss loot. I’ve lost a lot of health here because I was messing around. If you stand where I am standing, you can easily defeat him without taking a single hit

There are 3 new enemies, including one that throws a boomerang style weapon at you. It has a limited range. Another new enemy fires homing rockets at you. To compensate for this, there are 5 new weapons in the shop, including the Homing Bazooka that fires similar homing rockets but will set you back 8000 coins. I got it and it is indeed useful for hitting enemies such as the ceiling guns that you would otherwise be unable to hit, although the rate of fire is low and damage isn’t maxed out. The other new guns include Desert Eagle, MP5 and AK47.

The homing bazooka – a fun new toy

There are also some new characters and their stats might make it worth your while to unlock them. I like the Rambo character with his maxed out health and damage, as does my son (4) who instantly decided that it was Jake from Jake and the Never Land Pirates (kids’ TV show).

Overall this is a nice update with plenty of new content and some fairly tricky new levels, at least compared to what was already there. It’s still an extremely easy game. The bug that caused the game to crash A LOT has been fixed, so grinding for coins is no longer a depressing game of “should I save or should I keep going?” To counter this good news, in a cynical move to encourage IAP buying they have reduced the coin drops from the bosses, meaning coin grinding will take a bit longer until you get to the new boss who can be killed very quickly. The first boss, previously my favourite for making money, now only drops silver loot – no gold – making it virtually pointless to repeatedly kill him as the reward is so low.

Although the new content hasn’t transformed Random Heroes into the best game ever, it’s a fairly pleasant distraction and the new levels, items and characters are different enough to justify returning to the game if you have already beaten it. If you were getting close to the achievement for buying/unlocking all the guns and characters, the additions may prove slightly frustrating as they mean that achievement is now a lot further away than it was!

Random Heroes can be downloaded from the App Store using this link:

iTunes link



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