infinite review (iOS/Universal)

November 12, 2012

“And the superstars sucked into the supermassive black hole”

10 word description: Arcade style solar system creation. Random waves. Unlockable modes & themes.

10 word review: Unique, mesmerising skill-based experience designed around flawless controls. Recommended.

You will like this if you enjoy: Creating solar systems in a game that looks a tiny bit like Asteroids but is really not like it at all.

The good news: This game, more than anything, makes a few simple shapes moving against a black background feel like the most epic experience ever. The controls are perfect for a touch screen game. Gameplay precisely balances a steadily building challenge against the certainty that you can do better next time. The scoring system made me cry, then laugh.

The bad news: You won’t play this game; not just because you never play the games that I recommend (on principle) but because you prefer pretty games with cute animals and lots of IAPs. Do I care? Not really. One thing I would change, if it was my game, is the clicky sound effect when collecting matter. That’s a bit of a let-down compared to the rest of the game.  I’d also play a distinctive sound when enough matter has been collected to create a planet.

Arcadelife verdict: Astonishing. One of the best original iOS games I’ve played in quite a while. I understand a lot of beta tester feedback was taken into account and applied to the finished product, therefore I salute those testers too and not just the developers of this really rather cool game.

Survival mode. Everything is dangerous and there’s a flippin’ great black hole where your planet should be. Nice

I’ve had to mark audio down (in the ratings) because, in spite of the nice ambient soundtrack, I don’t like the clicking noise when matter is collected and the sound effects in general don’t seem to have had the same level of care and attention as the rest of the game. None of that affects my recommendation of this game and I have adjusted the final rating to reflect this.

A game that has the sheer cheek to reward your best efforts ever with a score of 8 – yes, eight – deserves to be bought by everyone. If you think scoring 8 sounds easy, wait until you try to survive for more than a minute in survival mode. You’ve been warned, that’s all I’m saying.

Arcadelife rating

Visuals – 9/10
Audio – 6/10
Controls – 10/10
Content – 8.5/10
Fun – 9/10
Final rating – 90/100

Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.15
iTunes link

Nexus Game Studio website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (iOS 6.0.1)
iPad (iOS 5.1.1)

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