Dragons Dream review (iOS/Universal)

November 18, 2012

“Going for the one…”

10 word description: One-touch Dragon flight featuring Roger Dean’s artwork and creativity.

Arcade mode

10 word review: Stunning looks and a sublime gaming experience. And no IAPs!

You will like this if you enjoy: Endless runners/fliers, although that’s only one aspect of this game. Games that look so good you’re more than happy to be seen playing them in public.

The good news: The visuals are the obvious highlight, featuring Roger Dean’s work throughout the game graphics, menus and pretty much everything you see on any screen. Music and sounds, including ambient spot-effects accompanying every menu selection and screen transition are appropriately cool and of a high quality. Controls and gameplay are spot on, with a very convincing dragon and two addictive game modes.

The bad news: Although I don’t have any problems with the game, it would have been nice to see more done with the achievements/objectives, and maybe we could have had an unlockable special dragon – I’d like a shiny black one – for getting an A rating in arcade more, or for performing some other heroic feat.

Arcadelife verdict: Although, on release, this is going to be priced a couple of rungs above tier 1, it is classy enough to justify the pricing and has a deceptive depth to the initially fairly basic gameplay. I dropped most of the other iOS games I have on the go just to play this and I put in enough time to top all four leaderboard; ok, admittedly there were hardly any other players on there as the game wasn’t officially released at the time!

Arcade mode gives you two minutes to fly as far as you can and collect as many orbs as possible. You can crash an unlimited number of times but that won’t help your score. Free Fly mode is an endless flight that terminates with your first crash. Points are scored here through a combination of distance and the number of flying wisps that you manage to catch.

The Visualizer mode works like a screensaver; you just sit back and watch the dragon fly forever, or until you are sufficiently relaxed and decide to go back to playing the game yourself. The two game modes, the visualizer and two different environments are available right from the start, with a gallery of artwork unlocking as you rack up achievements.

Overall, Dragons Dream is a gorgeous looking, very polished and addictive game. High quality and highly recommended.

Arcadelife rating

Visuals – 10/10
Audio – 10/10
Controls – 9.5/10
Content – 8.5/10
Fun – 9/10
Final rating – 94/100

Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.0
iTunes link

Dragons Dream website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (iOS 6.0.1)
iPad (iOS 5.1.1)

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