The Lords of Midnight review (iOS / Universal)

December 22, 2012

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10 word description: Mike Singleton’s 1984 Epic Adventure Strategy Game updated for iOS.  

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10 word review: A must own title; pure genius and extremely entertaining. Recommended.

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You will like this if you enjoy: Strategy games, turn-based war games, adventure games, engrossing retro games with perfect touch-screen interfaces.

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The good news: It’s still the epic game it always was, now with hi-res (but not unnecessarily enhanced) graphics. The touch controls are far easier to pick up and use than the original full keyboard overlay controls on the ZX Spectrum! The dynamically updating map is a new addition and it is just excellent.

lom rorthron

The bad news: Mike Singleton did not live to see this tribute released.

lom map

Arcadelife verdict: Before I tried this version of one of my favourite games ever I was almost not quite sure, having played the original a hell of a lot back in the eighties, but this release is pretty much perfect. If you love a game, love the game’s creator and want to produce an updated tribute – here’s your benchmark. Almost thirty years old and yet it feels fresh, relevant and completely at home on a touch screen. Recommended without reservation – so good it makes me want to cry.

lom title

Arcadelife rating

Visuals – 9/10
Audio – None
Controls – 10/10
Content – 10/10
Fun – 10/10
Final rating – 98/100

Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.01
iTunes link

Lords of Midnight website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (iOS 6.0.1)
4th gen iPad (iOS 6.0.1)

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