The Lords of Midnight (iOS) – update 1.02

January 8, 2013

LOM icon

Arcadelife’s “Best port / retro game” of 2012 on iOS – The Lords of Midnight – has recently been updated with some subtle enhancements and an improvement to swipe move/look on the smaller screens. Here are the official details, with some screenshots I’ve taken to illustrate what has been changed.

What’s New in Version 1.02

1. Tweaks to the swiping/moving on the small devices, iPhone/Touch etc…
2. Visual indicator that the screen has been pressed for looking/movement has been added.
3. Accuracy of the Discovery map has been tweaked. Lords and Names of places no longer appear just because they are on the map, you have to have looked at them. ( from new gameplay only )
4. Horses, Dragons, Skulkrin, Trolls, and Wolves are now recorded on Discovery Map if you have looked at them. ( from new gameplay only )

LOM 1.02 pic 191

5. Filter to turn off item 4!
6. Undo option added. You can perform a single undo of your last command.

LOM 1.02 pic 189 - undo

7. Night button added to the Select screen.

LOM 1.02 pic 190 - night button

8. Removed left over AI difficulty code that would have Doomdark generating new armies that track down Morkin, Luxor, or head to Xajorkith.

For a full list of changes please check

And, if you haven’t already got it, you can download the game here:

iTunes link


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