Overkill 2 (iOS) preview

March 30, 2013

Overkill 2, the sequel to popular Fixed-Position First Person Shooter Target Gallery Gun Porn Action Game (gotta love this job sometimes) Overkill is scheduled for worldwide release on April 4th.

overkill 2 pic 0723

Unsurprisingly, Overkill 2 brings yet more shooting, in a target gallery/Operation Wolf meets fairly realistic environments style. Once again, the main focus of the game is a huge list of extensively upgradeable real world weapons that strays even further into gun porn territory and seems to be very pleased with itself for this achievement.

overkill 2 pic 0718

If you want to see more of what is on offer, the website is well worth a look: http://www.overkill2.com/

overkill 2 pic 0722

Overkill 2 will be free to play, the same as the original game, with – I am assuming – in-game currency IAPs. For what it’s worth, I have been playing this game quite a lot and I haven’t felt the need to acquire currency faster than I’m getting it by playing the game. This doesn’t alter my fundamental dislike of the F2P / Freemium game model but I’m not going to complain bitterly on principle this time because there doesn’t appear to be any kind of IAP obstacle and the game can be played as it is without waiting or seeing IAPs for things like “A trigger” or “Sights”.

overkill 2 pic 0716

Yes, that’s my blood. Of course.

Obviously, if you have no patience and want the best guns or all the upgrades as soon as you start playing, you’re going to have to spend some money, which is kind of the whole point of this marketing model.

If you liked the first Overkill game or you fancy some Operation Wolf style shooting gallery action, there’s a lot to recommend here. The controls are decent and the game certainly looks the part. Whether you enjoy it enough to throw money at it will be entirely up to you.


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