Danmaku Unlimited 2 review (iOS / Universal)

May 14, 2013

danmaku 2 pic 6437

10 word description: Bullet Hell shoot-em-up. 5 stages, 2 modes, 4 difficulties. Game Center.

danmaku 2 pic 0880

10 word review: Trippy, trance-inducing visual overload. Extreme fun for genre fans.

danmaku 2 pic 6439

You will like this if you enjoy: Bullet Hell shooters, e.g. the Cave games on iOS.

danmaku 2 pic 6441

The good news: Performance is excellent, notably on 4th gen Touch. Visual style and graphical effects are very impressive; music and sounds are cool and well worth wearing earphones for. Relative touch control works flawlessly and the swipe to change firing mode is hard to fault as an alternative to buttons. Gameplay, once you begin to master the bullet grazing at least, is compulsive and strangely relaxing. I really like the menus and overall level of presentation. Lots of adjustments in the options – music and effects have separate volume controls, for example. Permanent, progressive upgrade system adds extra depth and a compulsion to keep playing, leveling up and earning upgrade points. No IAPs. There’s also a free (demo) version available.

danmaku 2 pic 6438

The bad news: This is not a criticism of this game, or the Bullet Hell genre in general, but Danmaku Unlimited 2 is not likely to win over anyone who has already decided that Bullet Hell shooters are not for them, and that’s a shame. Try the free version anyway. Who knows, you might even fall in love with the beautifully orchestrated chaos.

danmaku 2 pic 6446

Arcadelife verdict: This is a spectacular game that takes the emphasis off scoring complexity and includes a variety of difficulty settings to ease players into the tough but rewarding gameplay of the higher difficulties. The easiest setting makes learning how to graze bullets a very enjoyable experience, although you’re soon going to be cranking it up to Hard just to see those crazy bullet patterns filling the screen. Overall, this is a hugely impressive, immensely enjoyable, fully featured Bullet Hell shooter that I would recommend to fans and also suggest as a good game introduction to the genre for anyone wishing to find out what all the fuss is about.

danmaku 2 pic 6455

If you want to play a game in public that will make you look super cool rather than a friendless geek … sorry, I can’t help you, but at least with this one you will be having so much fun you won’t hear them giggling behind your back.

danmaku 2 pic 6469

Arcadelife rating

Presentation – 10/10
Visuals – 10/10 (Actually 11)
Controls – 10/10
Content – 9/10
Fun – 9/10
Final rating – 10/10


Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.1
iTunes link
Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
4th gen iPod Touch (iOS 6.0.1)
4th gen iPad (iOS 6.0.1)

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