Air Supply – Infinite (iOS) – coming tomorrow!

November 14, 2013

Due out tomorrow (Friday 15th November), the latest Quantum Sheep game, Air Supply – Infinite. A variation on the endless running theme, AS-I sees you, initially in the guise of Spaceman Sam, running in circles around a planet, jumping over aliens (or nuking them with smart-bombs), collecting pick-ups, developing high-score strategies and trying to avoid the tragic emptiness of a lonely death in outer space. I think it’s going to be 69p/99c and it definitely doesn’t include any additional in-app purchases.


The game does feature some great music, a whole bunch of unlockable characters, planets, tunes and colours. In addition to being involved with the beta testing – and you can thank me for suggesting some of the many and varied control options – I also appear as an unlockable character called John. I’m obviously not going to let any of that influence my journalistic scruples, so don’t expect to see this game getting anything less than a perfect score. What? You know what I mean.

air supply infinite pic 1643


I’ll save most of the screen images for the review, which you can expect to see right here on release day, which is Friday 15th November. Good luck out there…



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