Revenge of Toxic Frog (iOS) – coming soon!

December 14, 2013

toxic frog 2 pic 1834

The sequel to one of Arcadelife’s favourite high-score chasing games – Toxic Frog from Ramble Interactive – will shortly be released on the app store (Read the Arcadelife review of Toxic Frog here). Revenge of Toxic Frog takes the fundamental mechanics of the original and cranks everything up, starting with the immediately obvious change from a fixed 4 x 6 grid to an infinitely scrolling, free-hopping lake.

toxic frog 2 pic 1835

Each level has specific goals to complete in order to unlock the next level. These goals are generally quantities of items that need to be collected before the timer runs out or you meet with some kind of demise. If a level has 3 separate goals, you don’t need to achieve them all in one attempt, which is nice.

toxic frog 2 pic 1842

In addition to completing goals and progressing, there is also the high-scoring, which is a key feature and forms part of the Game Centre leaderboards in addition to fireflies eaten and hops. There is only one high score, it’s up to you which level you achieve it on and how you achieve it. I found a good way to score and I’m happy to at least show you which level I exploited, I mean played, in order to do it.

toxic frog 2 pic 0681

This wouldn’t be a Toxic Frog game without hazards, and Revenge has loads: Fireflies, Catfish, Owls, Spiderwebs, exploding tiki bombs…

toxic frog 2 pic 0682

Once you complete all 24 levels (I’ve managed 13 so far), you will unlock a couple of marathon modes, one at night and one in the day. There’s also the option to pay to unlock those modes if you just can’t wait.

toxic frog 2 pic 1841

Revenge of Toxic Frog is not just a perfect touch screen game, it’s a brilliant game all round. The original was too, and received very positive reviews. Why the heck hardly anyone played it is a complete mystery to me. You, personally, need to avoid making the same mistake this time and just buy this flippin’ game. Because I said, and because you will thank me for it.

toxic frog 2 pic 0678

I’ll be posting a review on release day, or very close to it.



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