Revenge of Toxic Frog – scoring a million points

January 27, 2014

Once again I appear to be really good at a game that hardly anyone else plays. Ninjaboy, Rocket Warrior, Coverfire, the original Toxic Frog and now Revenge of Toxic Frog. After being involved with the game before it was launched and then playing it every day since its release on the app store, I finally broke the million point barrier today.

revenge of toxic frog pic 0772

Of course, nobody cares because for some reason this absolute classic game has gone unnoticed by the majority of iOS gamers. Also, I’d assume that not even the people who own this game care because the scores I am achieving are so high they probably think it’s a glitch with Game Center. Yes, I really am that good. If you don’t think so, you know what you need to do… Click this link:

iTunes link

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