Beach Buggy Blitz review (iOS / Universal)

March 25, 2014

bbb pic 0994

10 word description: Beach buggy themed distance racer. Unlock cars, drivers and upgrades.

bbb pic 2415

10 word review: Mario Kart meets Temple Run. Very pretty. Unessential IAPs. Fun!

bbb pic 2376

You will like this if you enjoy: Mario Kart. Temple Run. Cartoony racers that are focussed on fun. Running into seagulls and giant crabs for achievements and laughs.

bbb pic 2427

The good news: Visually, this game is outstanding. Music and sounds are pretty good too. Plenty of control options; a couple of different versions of buttons or tilt. IAPs (and free coins for viewing ads) are really only there for people who want to buy all the cars and drivers without playing the game. There is no waiting for pay-wall timers such as the “tired drivers” in Angry Birds Go. Lots of environments and randomised track sequences make each race feel fresh. iCloud sync works, tested between 5th gen Touch and 4th gen iPad. Graphics quality can be adjusted for better performance on older devices.

bbb pic 2380

The bad news: If you completely avoid the free coins (for viewing ads) it will take a while to earn enough to fully upgrade a car. This is not actually a problem, but it could annoy impatient players.

bbb pic 2421

Arcadelife verdict: Vector Unit, also responsible for the excellent iOS jet-ski racers, Riptide GP and GP2, completely rule at this kind of game. Sure, it’s a perfect example of a shallow game dressed up in glorious graphics but that isn’t something I even feel like criticising these days. It’s fun, free and you don’t get beaten up by timers and pay-walls.

bbb pic 2414

The IAPs really are optional; I only went for some of the free coins (viewing a few short app store game ads) to buy a new car and driver so I could vary the screenshots in this review. The game is completely playable and fun without any need for acquiring additional coins. As freemium goes, this is one of the best in terms of the balance between giving players a fun game and dangling the option of spending some money in front of them.

bbb pic 2424

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a normal racing game; the other vehicles are just there for a bit of scenery and to give you some cars to overtake or crash into. The point of the game is to get as far as you can before time runs out. The upgrades all contribute to your ability to get a bit further and the achievements you unlock act as a score bonus so you’re constantly improving. This game will make you happy – try it!

bbb pic 2419

Arcadelife rating

Presentation – 9/10
Visuals – 9.5/10
Controls – 9/10
Content – 8.5/10
Fun – 8.5/10
Final rating – 9/10


Rating categories explained here.
Version reviewed by Arcadelife is 1.2.2
iTunes link

Vector Unit website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
5th gen iPod Touch (iOS 7.1)
4th gen iPad (iOS 7.1)
This review was typed on a Das Keyboard Model S mechanical keyboard – check them out, they’re really rather groovy.

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