Secret Files Tunguska – coming to iOS on July 17th

June 30, 2014

Here’s a news item that’s rather cool, although I’m just a little bit too lazy to do much more than paste some info from the press release and link a recent gameplay trailer video.

“Germany-based publisher Deep Silver FISHLABS and developer Animation Arts will launch the successful point-and-click adventure Secret Files Tunguska on the App Store on July 17th, 2014. The mobile version of the multi-award-winning mystery title will run on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and turn the player’s smartphone or tablet into the setting of a global conspiracy of epic proportions.”

“The initial purchase of Secret Files Tunguska for the set price of 4.99 US-$ / 4.49 EUR / 2.99 GBP / 169 RUR grants full access to the game’s entire narrative, including all content and features. Consequently, players do not have to unlock additional episodes or story angles via in-app purchase.”

Ok, fair enough, I’ll add a bit of opinion here… I remember playing this game on PC about 7 years ago and it was a fairly decent point-n-click style adventure. It was also released later on Wii and DS.

I’m planning on reviewing the iOS version; I’ll let you know how this game ends up playing on a tablet and iPod screen. Hopefully some of the “hunt the pixel” type puzzles won’t be as tricky as I’m thinking they might be.

For more info on the title and the people behind it, visit the official websites of Secret Files Tunguska (http://secretfiles.deepsilver.com/en/index.php and Deep Silver (http://www.deepsilver.com/).

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