Essential iOS games – Part 6 – Plague Inc.

August 1, 2014

plague pic icon

Plague Inc. has been out for ages, gets regular updates that add new (and topical) plague types and is always fun to play. Arcadelife reviewed it back in January 2013 when it had already been available for quite some time, awarding it an overall rating of 10/10 and describing it as the Best Game Ever.

I still have it installed on both my 4th gen iPad and 5th gen iPod Touch. I recently revisited it because I wanted to unlock the latest plague – ‘Simian Flu’ the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie tie-in plague.

plague inc pic1424

The great thing about the new plagues (always available as IAPs) is that you can alternatively unlock them by beating all the previous plague types on brutal difficulty. That is not as hard as it sounds. Also, if you don’t enjoy the game enough to want to beat all the plague types on brutal… why would you want to buy new plague types? I’ve unlocked everything without paying any extra; if I can do it, I’m pretty sure the majority of players can do the same.

plague inc pic 1420

There are currently 7 standard plagues and 3 specials. Strategies vary between plague types, particularly the 3 specials which allow you to enslave the world with mind controlling parasites, create your own zombie apocalypse or, in the latest instalment, go ape with Simian Flu and a world dominating army of angry monkeys. There are also 18 challenging scenarios, from the Black Death to a new Ice Age. Add in speed runs for each plague type and a new Mega-Brutal difficulty setting and you’ve got more content and variety than you’re going to see in almost any other iOS game.

plague inc pic 1422

Plague Inc. is a whole load of compelling, strategic fun and you also get the chance to annihilate [insert any particular country name here]. Highly recommended, just don’t forget that it’s only a game. Right?

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