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Battle Riders (iOS) coming soon – and you’re going to want it.

August 15, 2014
You fancy  a pink deathmobile? You've got it.

You fancy a pink deathmobile? You’ve got it.

It’s time to get excited about a game. Don’t forget to thank me when you buy this on September 4th and it takes over your life. What’s it called? Battle Riders. What is it? Combat racing game – Career mode, single race and challenges. 6 race types (Duel, Battle Race, Survival, Elimination, Clean Race and Time Trial), 3 environments, 9 tracks (plus reverse versions), 7 types of upgradeable car, 2 independent vehicle weapons. Oh, and you can spray your car all kinds of colours. No IAPs. Yeah, read that last bit again – No IAPs.

battle riders1464

For me, this has a great feel of classic games like Road Blasters, with the action focussed into arena style tracks littered with ammo pick-ups, speed-ups and cash. If you equate Carmageddon with the original Death Race movie, Battle Riders feels like the game version of the Jason Statham Death Race remake. Either way, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

battle riders 1473

I’ve played it quite a bit since I got a code for it earlier today. Here are two videos I recorded. If you don’t like the look of the arrow buttons, there are also joystick and tilt options. The iPod video was recorded using tilt.

The full official description of the game is here:

The game features a career mode with 120 events in 3 racing tiers that affect the speed and the weapons. There are 6 racing modes: Duel, Battle Race, Survival, Elimination, Clean Race and Time Trial. Three challenge modes get unlocked by completing the career tiers. These are: Time Attack, Minefield and Barrels. 

There are 7 types of cars, each with 2 performance upgrades and 2 armour upgrades. The cars are also visually customizable. Each car can be equipped with two weapons from 5 types: Machine gun, Missiles, Mines, EMP and Raygun. These weapons become more powerful on higher tiers. 

The races take place on 9 tracks across 3 different environments.: City Limits, Canyon and Metropolis. Each track also features a reversed version, for a total of 18 tracks. 

The game is universal and works on all devices starting with the iPhone 3Gs, iPod 3rd gen (except the 8gb version) and iPad 1 up to the latest iPhone 5s and iPad retina. It requires iOS 4.3 or later. The graphics are tailored for each device’s capabilities and screen resolution.

It will be sold as a paid app, for $1.99.


Dragonfly Fleet preview – iOS multi-mode shooter

April 7, 2014

dragonfly fleet pic 1045

If you have ever wanted to go head-to-head in a shoot-em-up game on your iPad (or iPhone) against a friend (or your 6 year old son), I’d like to introduce you to Dragonfly Fleet, the upcoming iOS shooter from Ramble Interactive. There are four modes, two each of solo and 2-player. Dragonfly Fleet’s Solo Flight mode plays like a traditional vertically scrolling shooter, complete with delightful relative touch control and a dynamic choice of left or right side fire button.

dragonfly fleet pic 1040

In Team Flight mode, there are two playable dragonflies with touch control limited to a small area around the player insect. Although this is co-op mode, care must be taken as your dragonflies can be damaged by player shots and collisions.

dragonfly fleet pic 1037

Gridshock is a variation of the shooter theme, with a grid of destructible blocks covering most of the screen in addition to the randomly spawning enemies. The 2-player version of this mode is called Faceoff, with your opponent facing you across the grid.

dragonfly fleet pic 1039

Although I don’t have a release date to share, Dragonfly Fleet is looking very finished and should be on the app store soon. I’ll be posting a review of this game as soon as it is released.


Dark Lands – iOS preview

February 11, 2014

This looks great. Here’s a link to the official website:

Dark Lands is an epic battle runner game in which you develop your hero to survive a battle by running as long as possible in what is called survival mode. You can also enjoy a challenge in hand crafted levels in the campaign mode.

Optimized for touch controls, Dark Lands is a mix of an auto runner game with a dynamic combat system, set in a beautiful fantasy horror world. Take your hero on an epic journey of defeating evil forces and enemies like goblins, orcs, skeletons or monstrous trolls and ogres on your way.

Dark Lands is available now for Windows Phone, with iOS, Android, Nintendo Wii U and PS VITA versions planned, should the Kickstarter be successful.


Revenge of Toxic Frog (iOS) – coming soon!

December 14, 2013

toxic frog 2 pic 1834

The sequel to one of Arcadelife’s favourite high-score chasing games – Toxic Frog from Ramble Interactive – will shortly be released on the app store (Read the Arcadelife review of Toxic Frog here). Revenge of Toxic Frog takes the fundamental mechanics of the original and cranks everything up, starting with the immediately obvious change from a fixed 4 x 6 grid to an infinitely scrolling, free-hopping lake.

toxic frog 2 pic 1835

Each level has specific goals to complete in order to unlock the next level. These goals are generally quantities of items that need to be collected before the timer runs out or you meet with some kind of demise. If a level has 3 separate goals, you don’t need to achieve them all in one attempt, which is nice.

toxic frog 2 pic 1842

In addition to completing goals and progressing, there is also the high-scoring, which is a key feature and forms part of the Game Centre leaderboards in addition to fireflies eaten and hops. There is only one high score, it’s up to you which level you achieve it on and how you achieve it. I found a good way to score and I’m happy to at least show you which level I exploited, I mean played, in order to do it.

toxic frog 2 pic 0681

This wouldn’t be a Toxic Frog game without hazards, and Revenge has loads: Fireflies, Catfish, Owls, Spiderwebs, exploding tiki bombs…

toxic frog 2 pic 0682

Once you complete all 24 levels (I’ve managed 13 so far), you will unlock a couple of marathon modes, one at night and one in the day. There’s also the option to pay to unlock those modes if you just can’t wait.

toxic frog 2 pic 1841

Revenge of Toxic Frog is not just a perfect touch screen game, it’s a brilliant game all round. The original was too, and received very positive reviews. Why the heck hardly anyone played it is a complete mystery to me. You, personally, need to avoid making the same mistake this time and just buy this flippin’ game. Because I said, and because you will thank me for it.

toxic frog 2 pic 0678

I’ll be posting a review on release day, or very close to it.




Overkill 2 (iOS) preview

March 30, 2013

Overkill 2, the sequel to popular Fixed-Position First Person Shooter Target Gallery Gun Porn Action Game (gotta love this job sometimes) Overkill is scheduled for worldwide release on April 4th.

overkill 2 pic 0723

Unsurprisingly, Overkill 2 brings yet more shooting, in a target gallery/Operation Wolf meets fairly realistic environments style. Once again, the main focus of the game is a huge list of extensively upgradeable real world weapons that strays even further into gun porn territory and seems to be very pleased with itself for this achievement.

overkill 2 pic 0718

If you want to see more of what is on offer, the website is well worth a look:

overkill 2 pic 0722

Overkill 2 will be free to play, the same as the original game, with – I am assuming – in-game currency IAPs. For what it’s worth, I have been playing this game quite a lot and I haven’t felt the need to acquire currency faster than I’m getting it by playing the game. This doesn’t alter my fundamental dislike of the F2P / Freemium game model but I’m not going to complain bitterly on principle this time because there doesn’t appear to be any kind of IAP obstacle and the game can be played as it is without waiting or seeing IAPs for things like “A trigger” or “Sights”.

overkill 2 pic 0716

Yes, that’s my blood. Of course.

Obviously, if you have no patience and want the best guns or all the upgrades as soon as you start playing, you’re going to have to spend some money, which is kind of the whole point of this marketing model.

If you liked the first Overkill game or you fancy some Operation Wolf style shooting gallery action, there’s a lot to recommend here. The controls are decent and the game certainly looks the part. Whether you enjoy it enough to throw money at it will be entirely up to you.


Infestor (iOS) – coming this week

January 15, 2013

infestor web banner

This looks like it could be quite a lot of fun. My son is excited about it because I told him it’s from the people who made Random Heroes, one of his favourite games.

infestor ss01

The official game description is:

As the Infestor you need to reach the exit in each level by taking over your enemies and controlling their body. Each human has a special ability associated with it that you will need to take advantage of to overcome obstacles.

infestor ss03

So, yeah, possess people and then avoid the dangerous hazards or, as I expect you’re already planning in your deviously evil mind, walk them straight into the nearest one. See, sounds like a lot of fun! Here’s the trailer:

And here’s the Ravenous Games website link.

The game should be out this week, which will be Thursday (UK / midnight). I’ll post a review as soon as I can.


Roger Dean’s “Dragons Dream” – iOS release on Sunday 18th November

November 14, 2012

Here’s something that you’re not going to want to miss – an arcade/endless style universal iOS game built around the artwork of Roger Dean.

Dragons Dream is going to be released on Sunday 18th November. I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a promo code and I’ve been playing the game a lot since installing it on my two review devices (1st gen iPad and 4th gen Touch).

In the game, you control an auto-flying dragon, tapping the screen to make him flap his wings to ascend. There are two game modes: “Arcade” gives you two minutes to collect as many orbs as possible and crash as few times as possible. “Free Fly” is basically an endless flight that lasts until you collide with a chunk of floating scenery. There is also a third mode, “Visualizer”, but this is more of a screensaver than a game, letting you sit back and watch the dragon fly without assistance.

Arcade mode – click the pic to view hi-res image

The two landscapes are immediately available to play (or watch) and the game has no In App Purchases. I found the game performed well with no issues on my 1st gen iPad and 4th gen Touch. There are Game Center achievements (linked to unlocking artwork within the game) and leaderboards for each game mode within each landscape.

I’ll be posting a full review on Arcadelife on Sunday 18th to coincide with the game’s release. Meanwhile, here’s the trailer…


Draw Breaker preview (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire)

July 19, 2012

Draw Breaker is due for release on July 26th. It’s a mix of block breaking and line drawing, where your line drawing skills replace the more traditional pong-style paddle.


Here’s the official description with a few more screenshots and a video…

The future of the world is at stake! Professor Blockowski and his block army are on a campaign to make the world square. Your mission will require quick reflexes and fast thinking to foil Professor Blockowski’s evil schemes and keep the world safe and round.


Draw Breaker takes the classic brick breaker genre, but adds a TWIST—you control the ball by DRAWING PLATFORMS. You have complete freedom to aim your shots by drawing platforms at any angle. Create shots that are impossible in other breakout style games. This was how breakout was meant to be played on a touch screen device.


Battle 16 unique monsters with different personalities and abilities.


Over ten different powerups including bomb balls, acid balls, fire balls, multiballs … just to name a few.


Each episode has 9 unique rounds with new powerups and monsters.


Improve your score by completing objectives and increasing your rank. See if you can earn the title of Block Belt and become a master.


This looks pretty good from the description and video – look out for a review on Arcadelife as soon as the game is released.

If you want to know more, visit the official website at


Interstellar Force 2.0 (iPhone / iPod) – Coming soon

June 20, 2012

One of my favourite iOS horizontally scrolling shooters is getting a big update very soon.

Highlights from the official list of additions and enhancements:

Three new regular levels (now called Mission Mode levels).  Two of the new levels feature the 8-bit graphics
All 8-Bit Endless mode unlocked after finishing level 4
Added bosses on all levels
New weapon power ups
New “Mega Blaster” weapon power up on some levels
iControlPad and iCade support
Soon to be a three level lite version with an 8 level endless mode sampler

There are also additional new enemies, improved original levels and various tweaks to the gameplay.

There are now ground installations that can be destroyed

8-bit endless mode is a lot of fun…

One of the new levels is an 8-bit moon.


I’ve been playing a beta build and having a lot of fun with it and I’m very much looking forward to the release of the final version.


LAD – Limbo inspired puzzle platformer coming to iOS, Mac & Android

May 28, 2012

LAD, a “dark, eerie, atmospheric thinking game” is currently a work in progress over at Black Chair Games.

Anyone who has played Limbo (PC, Mac, PS3, XBox360) will immediately spot the inspiration for this game. As Black Chair Games explain, “LAD is a dark, eerie, atmospheric thinking game inspired by ‘Limbo’ in the mould of a puzzle platformer, planned soon for release on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android. It’ll have you asking questions throughout its cryptic story.

Creating such an artistically close copy, LAD will be setting itself up for some instant and possibly hard comparisons with Limbo. I’m hoping Black Chair Games can pull this off and create a great Limbo style game for my iPad!

The video (below) is beta footage from some of the earlier levels.

Update – The game is now available. It is reviewed here on Arcadelife.