Get reviewed!

How to get your game reviewed by Arcadelife!

If you are the developer or publisher of an iPod/iPhone or iPad game and you would like to see it reviewed here at Arcadelife…

Leave a comment in this section, giving details of the game


Send an email (promo codes are always welcome!) to Arcadelife@planetshooter.com 

In the event that Arcadelife is sent a promo code for a game, the related game will be reviewed as soon as possible unless there is a good reason for not reviewing it!

The reviews are not guaranteed to be favourable or hilarious, but we will do our best!

This kind of bribery won’t guarantee you a great review, but it is probably worth trying.

What do people think of Arcadelife’s reviews?

Here are some comments from developers and publishers who have had their games reviewed on the site, or have contacted Arcadelife for another reason. These comments are copy/pasted from emails; the only editing has been to remove the names of games, the rest of it is 100% honest feedback. All the comments are from different people, in case you were wondering!

That is a very thorough and honest review. I think you’ve addressed some important points and faults of the game.

That’s great! Looks really good, and thanks a lot for the review!

Hi there! I absolutely adore your reviews, so it will be a privilege to have you review our title.

Thanks, that’s a lovely review, very happy with that :).

I don’t think I’ll ever read a review more fun than yours. And thanks for it.

Thanks again! It was great to read your review and get your impressions on the game.

Thanks a lot for the review! 🙂 It’s the first proper review I’ve managed to get from anywhere so far so it’s a great read.

Review looks ace. Thank you ever so much once again.

Thanks for the review! You’re the first and so far the only, I used your quote in the app description.

That is just awesome. Thank you very much!

What a great review! Thanks! Glad you like the new game so much!

Thank you very much for reviewing our game, the review was very fair and we appreciate the time and effort that you’ve taken.

Just wanted to say thanks for the review of our game, 88% is very generous … and I love the lyrics quote 🙂

That’s a great and very positive review! Thanks a lot for that! It’s good that you liked the game so much :). It’s certainly going to help us try to get a bit of awareness about the game, which is something we really need.

Thank you very much! Very kind review and greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much… awesome review, wow, means so much.

Thank you very much, great review!

What an awesome, generous review … Thank you! I think I got the best quote ever from your review too.

I just saw your review! Amazing!

Thank you so much!!! We appreciate the amazing turnaround.


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