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Arcadelife Game of the Year 2011

January 1, 2012

Here’s my list. I’ve restricted myself to games that were reviewed or written about by Arcadelife in 2011, so there may be some rather obvious omissions.
Links to related websites or iTunes are included where applicable.

Game of the Year:
Skyrim (PC)

Reason – I’ve played it more than any other game this year and I’m still having a lot of fun with it after 100+ hours.

Order & Chaos Online (iOS / Universal)
Where’s My Water? (iOS / Universal)
Air Supply – 1bit Run (iPod/iPhone)
1-bit Ninja (iPod/iPhone)
Emberwind HD (iPad)

iPad Game of the Year:
Order & Chaos Online (iOS/Universal)

Reason – Despite the flaws, annoyances and the fact that I (and many others) eventually just gave up due to boredom at the level cap, while it lasted this was a load of fun and a significant example of what could be achieved with a massively multiplayer game on a mobile device. I’ve put it in as my iPad game of the year because I hardly played it on my iPod, apart from checking the auction house while in the gym cafe.

Army of Darkness Defense HD (iPad)
Anomaly Warzone Earth HD (iOS / Universal)
Emberwind HD (iPad)
Jetpack Joyride (iOS/Universal)

iPod/iPhone Game of the Year:
1-bit Ninja (iPod/iPhone)

Reason – It elicited a range of emotional responses! It’s a fantastic platform game; very hard, very unforgiving. Levels need to be replayed over and over in order to successfully complete them. The controls are very good. The Gameboy style graphics (with the surprising use of 3D) are simple and perfect for this type of game. I have memories of specific jumps on particular levels that will haunt me for a long time.

Where’s My Water? (iOS / Universal)
Air Supply – 1bit Run (iPod/iPhone)
Goat Up (iOS / Universal)
Tiny Wings (iPod/iPhone)

iOS “Endless Runner” style Game of the Year:
Jetpack Joyride (iOS/Universal)

Air Supply – 1bit Run (iPod/iPhone)
Lame Castle HD (iOS/Universal)
Spooky Hoofs (iPod/iPhone)

iOS Retro/Shooter Game of the Year:
Minotron 2112 (iOS/Universal)

Forget-Me-Not (iOS/Universal)
Coverfire HD (iPad)
Retro Dust HD (iPad)
Space Junk (iOS/Universal)

iOS Puzzle Game of the Year:
Where’s My Water? (iOS / Universal)

Games that should have won something but didn’t:

Tiny Wings (iPod/iPhone)
Battleheart (iOS/Universal)
Mage Gauntlet (iOS/Universal)
Bike Baron (iOS/Universal)

Special mention for one of the best movie tie-in games ever:
Army of Darkness Defense HD (iPad) 

See you soon for a whole new year of reviews. Look out for Arcadelife’s first anniversary on 31st January 2012!