War Pinball & War Pinball HD review (iPod/iPhone & iPad)

March 25, 2011

“And he kicked and he flipped some more,
Back to Vietnam to settle the score.”

10 word description: 3 pinball tables with themes based on action war movies. 

(iPad screen) Playing in landscape orientation gives you a fixed "down the table" view.

10 word review: More i-device pinball brilliance, featuring Charlie & Chuck! Hugely enjoyable.  

(3rd gen iPod screen) Portrait orientation follows the ball, zooming where appropriate. This "ball-cam" mode works very well.

You will like this if you enjoy: Pinball HD; showcasing your iPad or Retina graphics; Chuck Norris! 

(iPad screen) "There isn't a chin behind Chuck Norris' beard - just another flipper"

The good news: A virtually flawless, stunning looking set of pinball tables with great themes and variety. 

(4th gen iPod screen) The Platoon table's calendar counts down your days in the 'nam

The bad news: Of the 3, the Navy Seals table is probably not quite as appealing as Platoon and Missing in Action.  

(iPad screen) The Navy Seals table - Fun, but not quite as excellent as the other two.

Arcadelife verdict: It doesn’t really matter whether you think Chuck Norris is a Martial Arts icon or a born-again bible-bashing right-wing nutjob; back in 1984 the cult of Chuck Norris facts wouldn’t emerge for another 20 years and the man himself was starting a crazy ride on the Colonel Braddock rollercoaster of B-movie gung-ho action nonsense as the star of the first Missing in Action movie. For me, the 2011 release of a virtual pinball table on Apple’s i-devices, based on MIA, is simultaneously both bizarre and very intriguing. The fact that the table looks absolutely gorgeous and is phenomenally playable is a big bonus!

(3rd gen iPod screen) "Chuck Norris doesn't sleep - he tilts"

It’s not just Chuck Norris, though. Fiancé shooting, yo-yo careered, pornstar-dating rehab veteran, Charlie Sheen has two tables in the line-up. The Platoon table is suitably challenging – facing you with a year long tour of duty in the ‘nam, each day counting by on an animated calendar. For me, Platoon is a very close runner-up to the MIA table, but that’s purely personal preference. Both of these are instant classics.

(iPad screen) The fly-by demo mode shows how much detail there is on all the tables.

Charlie’s other table, Navy Seals, much like the film it is based on, is not the best of this bunch. Unlike the movie, however, it does have plenty of redeeming features and shouldn’t be dismissed just because you’ve never heard of it.

(iPad screen) "Get to da choppa!" ... Damn, wrong movie.

Overall, this is a great package of tables. Graphically impressive, highly replayable and very entertaining; War Pinball looks and sounds fabulous on all devices but is particularly special on Retina display and iPad.

Arcadelife rating: 91/100    

The version of War Pinball that Arcadelife reviewed is 1.0
The version of War Pinball HD that Arcadelife reviewed is 1.0

GameProm War Pinball website link.

Arcadelife played and reviewed War Pinball on:
iPod Touch 3rd gen (OS 4.3)
iPod Touch 4th gen (OS 4.3)
Arcadelife played and reviewed War Pinball HD on:
iPad (OS 4.3)

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