Forget-Me-Not review (Universal)

March 31, 2011

“Beware of the flowers, because I’m sure they’re gonna get you, Yeah!”

10 word description: Tiny arcade game; mazes + monsters + shooting; single or simultaneous 2-player.  

10 word review: Pac-man meets Robotron at Rogue-like convention in Jeff Minter’s garden. Awesome!

Use of colour is subtle - iPad screen image.

You will like this if you enjoy: Pac-Man on acid with a gun, Robotron in a maze, Mr Do’s cherry collection scoring system, Coverfire’s defiant retro stance, Jeff Minter’s latest iOS games, retro maze shooters, tactical high-scoring, procedurally generated dungeons, a twitch-paced Rogue-like… 

Occasionally your mind will trick you into seeing an object or number in the shape of the procedurally generated dungeon maze...

The good news: Forget-Me-Not takes some of the best elements of 80s arcade games, adds the infinite challenge of procedurally generated dungeon-style mazes, blends in some addictive high-scoring strategies and even includes a simultaneous 2-player option. And it has relative touch control, a personal favourite here at Arcadelife.  

You can play in portrait or landscape mode. Oh look, a centipede!

The bad news: No in-game music. This doesn’t matter. 

The key doesn't just open the exit door, it protects you from your own shots in wrap-around corridors.

Arcadelife verdict: This game reminds me of all sorts of very early arcade games, not just Pac-Man, but if I start listing them here it will only serve to confuse the majority of today’s iOS gamers. For anyone who thinks it’s easy to create a good retro arcade game, it really isn’t. I’ve tried enough times, so I can fully appreciate the genius behind this one.

As with all the best arcade games, you learn as you play and the more you play, the better you become and the higher you score. Recognising enemies and memorising their abilities and attacks is less than half of it; mastering wall-grinding and combining that with collecting as many flowers as possible in a sequence combo … that’s where your highest scores are going to come from.

If you take too long to complete a level, this big evil ghost appears and starts chasing you.

Ok, I was very hesitant about referencing Pac-Man because Pac-Man is slower and less interesting than Forget-Me-Not. However, the mazes and pill/flower collecting make the comparison mostly unavoidable. Please just don’t be put off this game because you don’t like Pac-Man. This game looks a bit like Pac-Man but plays much faster and with a lot more going on. Anyone interested in a new retro arcade game for their i-device(s) needs to get this. I tend to prefer playing it on the iPad, but that’s just a screen-size thing. Brilliant game, recommended.  

Click the thumbnails to view full screen – some images of 2-player Forget-Me-Not on iPad.
Arcadelife rating: 90/100
The version of this game that Arcadelife reviewed is 1.0.1 

iTunes link

Nyarlu Labs Website link

Arcadelife played and reviewed this game on:
3rd gen iPod Touch  (OS 4.3.1)
4th gen iPod Touch  (OS 4.3.1)
iPad (OS 4.3.1)

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