Order & Chaos Online – Desert daily quests

June 18, 2011

As I’m currently in the “no more quests” gap between level 57 and 60 in the iOS/Universal MMORPG, Order & Chaos Online, I thought I’d post a list of the daily (repeatable) quests in the desert and rift maps that add a lot of much welcome XP to the fairly endless grinding.

Click on the images, particularly the maps, to see the full size iPad screen image.

Desert Daily Quests

“Resistance of Eristar”

General location – West of End of Sand
Quest giver/receiver – Jirasacles
Quest reward (cash) – 1g 44s
XP – 10,000
Other – none

Get the quest from a character called Jirasacles on the path that leads into the desert zone approaching from the most northerly teleport point, End of Sand.

Quest location is the small yellow scroll icon next to the player marker (small blue arrow that looks like the player ship in Asteroids). Quest enemies are immediately to the west, along the path heading to Camp of Sacrathar

The target enemies, Nomads, are along the path and inside the perimeter of Camp of Sacrathar. 10 of them need to be killed to complete the quest.

“Demon Loot”

General location –  Sdukar
Quest giver/receiver – Oziwods
Quest reward (cash) – 1g 59s
XP – 10500
Other – choice of plate helmet or plate boots. The helm sells to a vendor for just over 38s

Get the quest from Oziwods. He wanders around near the Northwest exit inside the small town of Sdukar. There may be prerequisite quests to complete before this daily quest becomes available, I can’t remember. The quest is to collect 3 demon weapons that drop from various demons very near Sdukar. The drop rate is not 100% but it is very high and you will often get a weapon from the first 3 demons that you kill.

“Shell Necklaces” (Possibly not the proper quest title)

General location –  Lake south of Antoria
Quest giver/receiver – Oireus
Quest reward (cash) – 1g 83s
XP – 11250
Other – none.

The quest giver is on the end of the wooden jetty that sticks out into the lake. The quest involves walking quite a long way to a location on the west coast and collecting 6 necklaces that are dropped (100% drop rate) by elite berzerkers and Ankar Nobles (mages). I always carry enough teleport wings so I can quickly port back to Antoria as a short cut when cashing this quest in.

Quest giver is near the player marker. The target enemies are at the bottom left corner of that screenshot, just left of the big "back" yellow arrow icon.


“Take a crimson emblem from the Priests of Sacrathar” 

General location –  A tiny camp south/SE of Sdukar
Quest giver/receiver – Kuduin
Quest reward (cash) – 2g 8s
XP – 12000
Other – A choice of one item from 3 rings and a necklace.

The quest giver’s small camp is hard to find and isn’t somewhere that you will be directed to or will pass by while completing other quests. There are two quests in the camp that have to be completed before the daily quest becomes available. The daily quest involves looting a single emblem from a Priest (or Priestess) in a nearby enemy location. The drop rate is low but, because you only need one emblem, it is possible to get it from the first Priest that you kill, although rather unlikely. There are 5 priests. One is wandering around, two are standing by a big symbolic thing, one is inside the ground floor of a building and one is on the roof of a nearby building. The quest pointer will get you close enough to find them easily. They respawn quite quickly, so if you kill all 5, the first one will probably have respawned by the time you kill the last one.

The player marker shows you exactly where you need to be to get this quest

Priests or Priestesses can drop the Crimson Badge. That's the thing you need for the quest...

This shows the location of the enemy that dropped the badge (player marker) and the completed quest marker back at the camp


Desert daily quests – totals

XP – 43,750

Cash –  6g 94s (plus a bit of loose change and whatever you sold the items for, assuming you didn’t equip them)

The rift dailies will be posted soon.


  1. Thanks, great info. I look forward to the rift version.

    • The rift daily guide was posted not long after this one. Of course, these guides are both out of date since update 1 where they converted several normal quests into dailies. I’m not going to update these guides to include those quests, in case anyone was wondering…

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